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Foam and Legs - Everything you need for poppers, gurglers and legs for a wide array of small critters.


Fly Foam

A must have for tying gurglers, poppers, golden stones, and various other terrestrials.




Razor Foam

Super thin foam that is great for small flies, floating nymphs, cut wings, and wrapped bodies. Stacked colors can be glued with super 77 for killer sandwich flies. Two sheets each of .5mm and 1mm per package.



Furry Foam

A flexible sheet with a soft foam center and a flocked fuzzy outside. The sheet can be separated for thinner applications.



EP Crabs Claw 

Another step forward in the crab family's prepared material. Indeed you can do it yourself, but why bother when they are ready to use out of the package? 6 claws per pack mage 6 flies.



Instant Bass Bugs

Secure to your favorite hook, add tail and voila. 3 per bag.



Popper Bodies

Soft durable foam popper bodies, perfect for creating effective surface poppers for bass and panfish. Try cupping, or beveling the popper's face for better gurgling or diving action. 6 per bag.



Tricolor Pencil Popper

 Small size is for size 1 or 2 hooks. Large is for 1/0 or 2/0. Great colors and action.




Performance Popper

Meticulously hand painted hard foam bodies. Pre-slotted and ready to be epoxied to the hook shank. 



Performance Popper Kits

Meticulously hand painted hard foam bodies. Pre-slotted and ready to be epoxied to the hook shank. Packed 3 bodies per pack, complete with proper hooks.

Saltwater Poppers Size 2 



Foam Cylinders

Foam cylinders are made of the perfect density foam for shaping popper bodies. Color with prismacolor markers. Each cylinder is 1.6" long. Sizes 1/4" thru 7/16" come 6 per pack and sizes 1/2" thru 1" come 4 per pack.




Edgewater Boilermaker 

Excellent saltwater poppers!



Silicone Grizzly Legs

Absolutely incredible material with a very distinct barring. Perfect for hoppers, Charlies, and bass flies. These legs are heat resistant, won't hold a press, and have a high clarity. 


Sili Legs

The vivid colors and brightly mottled flaking combine to make these legs the perfect choice for your freshwater and saltwater tying needs. 



Crazy Legs 

Great rubber legs in a variety of killer colors.